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Edo Celebrates INTENT National Science Foundation Engines Award

May 11, 2023

Edo is thrilled to support the Inland Northwest Center for Energy and Decarbonization (INTENT) and its recent award of $1 million from National Science Foundation’s Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) for Advancing Energy and Decarbonization Technologies in the Inland Northwest. INTENT aims to address the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the power grid and lead the transition to clean energy.

INTENT will utilize this two-year NSF Engines Development Award to support clean energy innovation and economic growth in 28 communities in Washington and Idaho. Leading an equitable transition to clean energy is a core principle of the project. INTENT will collaborate with an extensive partner ecosystem, with Edo being one of the core partners.

As a recipient of the first-ever award of its kind, the Inland Northwest region has the opportunity to demonstrate how a public-private partnership can advance bold new solutions to our climate crisis while spurring economic growth. INTENT will help the region continue to solidify its status as a leader in clean and equitable innovation.

Learn more about INTENT and the NSF Engines Development Award at this link.

About Edo

Edo’s mission is to enable a decarbonized grid through a building-centric approach that unlocks the ability of commercial buildings to become reliable grid assets. Our vision is to bring together building operators and utilities with actionable, deepbuilding insights that enable building operations that are more efficient, flexible, productive, and cost-efficient while allowing utilities to fully manage energy consumption and load to provide cleaner, more reliable electricity.