Energy & Demand Optimization

Edo partners with utilities to optimize commercial buildings into virtual power plants, leading the transition to a decarbonized future.

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What We Do

Edo works with commercial building operators to optimize operations and occupant comfort, cut energy use and carbon emissions, and drive cost savings. Edo transforms commercial buildings into dynamic, flexible assets. We aggregate commercial buildings into virtual power plants (VPPs), providing electric utilities with demand flexibility to respond to the evolving energy landscape.

For Utilities

Edo teams with utilities to advance their energy transition by developing tailored demand flexibility programs and virtual power plants. Our expertise in demand flexibility addresses key utility objectives, from improving reliability and resiliency to achieving carbon-free supply goals. We partner with utilities on pioneering demand flexibility initiatives, including those transitioning from long standing demand response (DR) programs to more advanced solutions.

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For Commercial Buildings

Edo partners with commercial buildings, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize operations, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

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The Edo Story

Edo, launched in 2021, was born out of the collaborative efforts of McKinstry and Avista, corporate leaders on both sides of the electricity meter. Inspired by their joint development of South Landing, a grid-interactive campus, Edo seeks to reimagine the relationship between commercial buildings and utilities in a decentralized, decarbonized world.

Edo Successes

Edo is a leader in activating commercial buildings to serve as virtual power plants. This recognition was solidified by the Department of Energy (DOE) through a Connected Communities grant awarded to Edo for its groundbreaking pilot with Avista, which demonstrates the reliability of demand flexibility to relieve a congested substation. Additionally, Edo was selected to be an Innovator in the inaugural group of Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority’s Innovative Energy Services (IES) Program, where Edo will showcase the combination of energy efficiency and demand response in an underserved community.

Scale & Reach

Carbons Emissions

reduced in lbs CO2e
Utility Meters
217 Million
Sq. Ft.

News + Insights

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