Buildings Solutions

Commercial buildings rely on Edo to save energy and streamline operations.

What We Do

Edo works with facility managers to optimize operations and occupant comfort,
cut energy use and carbon emissions, and drive cost savings.

The Time Is Now

The need for cleaner and more efficient commercial buildings has never been more urgent.

Building Performance Standards

Commercial buildings contribute nearly 40% of energy-related emissions. Policymakers worldwide are implementing ways to accelerate electrification and place caps on energy use and GHG emissions in the built environment.

Engaged Owners & Occupants

460 companies across 41 countries have pledged net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Once an act of global leadership, are now table stakes for any responsible  business.

Electric Grid Decarbonization

Over 180 cities and 20 utilities across North America have goals to power their communities with 100% carbon-free electricity. A rapidly growing trend.

Our Process at Work

Edo is the “energy information system” integrating the building energy management system, smart thermostats, smart meters, and utility power.

News + Insights

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