Our Company

At Edo, we empower each other to pioneer innovative solutions that transform how commercial buildings connect with the grid, paving the way for a sustainable future we can all be proud of.

We Win Together

Edo’s culture is built on trust and collaboration, where every member is empowered to contribute to our collective mission of transforming how commercial buildings integrate with the electric grid. We believe in simplifying complexity, forging pathways toward decarbonization with clarity and innovation, and fostering a culture of shared purpose and impactful change.

What Drive Us

At Edo, we are fueled by a commitment to address the urgent crises of climate change, affordability, and equity—recognizing that immediate action is essential to mitigate escalating impacts.


Our vision is to unite commercial building operators and utilities through insightful building data and enhancing operational efficiency, flexibility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. This collaboration enables utilities to manage building energy consumption and peak loads, allowing cleaner and more reliable electricity.


Edo’s mission is to enable a decarbonized grid through a building-centric approach that unlocks the ability of commercial buildings to become reliable grid assets.


We are driven by addressing three interconnected crises: climate, affordability, and equity.


Severe weather, wildfires, droughts and other consequences of climate change are here now. Without immediate action, these consequences will quickly escalate to a point of no return.


Rising built environment and energy costs are culminating in an affordability crisis that is unnecessary, unacceptable, and limits our ability to invest in solutions to decarbonize our built environment.


Systemic inequity is embedded in nearly every aspect of our society with those who have the least poised to suffer the most from the crises we face.

Our Principles

Edo’s principles define  how we work together and with our customers and shape our culture. These principles are fundamental beliefs and values that guide our collective behavior, decisions, and actions.


Complexity is a barrier. We emphasize simplicity, perspective, and clear communication.

Driven by Impact

We are motivated by mission and enable the clean energy transition with solutions that are equitable, affordable, and scalable.

Customer-Mission Alignment

We seek to understand our customers’ challenges and drive solutions that simultaneously address their core needs while advancing our mission.

Bias For Action

We embrace a proactive approach, acting swiftly to address challenges, and delivering tangible results that create value for customers.

Progress Through Trust

Trust enables everything we do. We work diligently to earn and maintain trust both internally and externally.

Assume Positive Intent

We believe that everyone’s actions are driven by good intentions and constantly seek to understand and learn from others’ perspectives.

We Get There Together

We encourage each other and respectfully challenge assumptions, but fully commit once a decision is made.

Investor History

Edo stands as a testament to the shared vision of two industry leaders, Avista and McKinstry, each contributing equal investment and unparalleled expertise to the partnership. With Avista’s inherent knowledge of utilities and McKinstry’s extensive building background, Edo was born with a singular purpose: to bridge the gap between the built environment and the utility sector.

Company History

Originally conceived as an acronym for “Eco District Operations,” Edo has evolved into an innovative leader of Energy & Demand Optimization. Our journey began with a shared commitment to decarbonization and quickly expanded to encompass a broader mission—to transform how commercial buildings interact with the grid.

At Edo, we believe the optimization of individual commercial buildings not only enhances their efficiency and performance but also benefits the larger energy ecosystem. Our innovative solutions unlock new possibilities for buildings and the grid, paving the way for a more sustainable and interconnected future.

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