About Edo

Energy & Demand Optimization

Edo’s mission is to enable a decarbonized grid through a building-centric approach that unlocks the ability of commercial buildings to become reliable grid assets.

Our vision is to bring building operators and utilities together with actionable, deep building insights that enable building operations that are more efficient, flexible, productive, and cost-efficient while allowing utilities to fully manage energy consumption and load to provide cleaner, more reliable electricity.

Edo was born from the knowledge and experience of two seasoned industry leaders: Avista and McKinstry. Our unique understanding of both the utility and built environment experience allows us to drive demand optimization that benefits both the grid and buildings.

Our Commitments

We are driven by addressing three interconnected crises: climate, affordability, and equity.


Severe weather, wildfires, droughts and other consequences of climate change are here now. Without immediate action, these consequences will quickly escalate to a point of no return.


Rising built environment and energy costs are culminating in an affordability crisis that is unnecessary, unacceptable, and limits our ability to invest in solutions to decarbonize our built environment.


Systemic inequity is embedded in nearly every aspect of our society with those who have the least poised to suffer the most from the crises we face.

Our leadership team

Our team brings experience from all the pieces of the pie: buildings, grid, software, operations, and innovation. We are also a lot of fun. When we’re not busy saving the world, you can find us playing in the mountains, golfing, and running around with our kids or furry friends.

Headshot of Hendrik Van Hemert in a business setting

Hendrik Van Hemert

Hendrik has spent his career focused on removing waste in the built environment. He has led teams of engineers, consultants and data scientists working to create healthier, more efficient buildings. Hendrik spends his free time chasing his two young daughters around the garden. Hendrik is a founding team member of Edo.

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Spencer Huppert

Spencer brings more than 27 years of critical operations experience focused on energy EcoDistricts and data centers. He has a record of program development meeting goals and mission that includes business development, transition management, operations and maintenance planning. Spencer is married with two daughters. He spends his free time enjoying family and golf. Spencer is a founding team member of Edo.

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Courtney Blodgett

Courtney has worked for two decades on innovation and clean technology. She was a technical advisor on climate to the UN, led the impact investment team at Vulcan, and ran one of the first transactive energy companies. She is an avid rock climber, hiker, traveler and sits on the board of KiloWatts for Humanity. Courtney is a founding team member of Edo.

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Sam Skrivan

Sam has been building, integrating, and implementing applications for over 20 years, in a number of industries including energy, telecommunications, and retail across multiple geographies. He is passionate about creating teams where people thrive and achieve great things. Sam lives in Seattle with his partner and two daughters whom he loves spending time with in the amazing Pacific Northwest.

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Easan Drury

Easan has deep experience developing novel hardware and software applications at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), SunEdison, and a solar financing startup he co-founded. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife, two daughters, and their energetic lab.

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Alicia Noriega

Alicia’s background in urban planning allows her to bring a systems thinking lens to decarbonizing our built environment. She has worked on business model innovation and program development in the energy efficiency and grid infrastructure space at SparkFund, RMI, and the MIT Energy Initiative. Alicia most recently ran a nationally recognized smart buildings program for NYSERDA. She is currently learning how to navigate the many water bodies of Washington State on her inflatable kayak.

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Ryan Fujiwara

Ryan has held multiple leadership roles in public and private building facility management over the past 25+ years. He recently celebrated 26 years of marriage to a K12 educator, social worker and artist and has a daughter who recently graduated from Western Washington University. Ryan also has a chocolate lab who’s passions revolves around swimming, chasing balls, sleeping and slobbering.

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Kowalick Headshot

Mike Kowalick

Mike has spent the last decade developing smart building product offerings that decarbonize the built environment. He previously worked with the Nature Conservancy and the Peace Corps in Peru and he approaches today’s innovative trends with historical perspective. He spends his free time woodworking and dreaming up a never-ending stream of home renovation projects.

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Emilie Bolduc

Emilie has a passion for reducing carbon emissions economically with energy efficiency, clean energy, and technology. She enjoys building teams that create and implement practical and affordable solutions to customers’ challenges in creating a sustainable future. Emilie lives in New England, and in her free time, you will find her partaking in all manner of outside adventures with her family.

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