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July 28, 2022

Building Operational Improvements in One of the Nation’s Largest School Districts

A solution was needed to drive operational improvements and energy savings across one of the country’s largest school districts. The district spent considerably on operations and maintenance trying to improve student and staff comfort. However, buildings continued to experience equipment failure, vendor cost overruns, and comfort complaints. These problems are present in buildings that are in “reactive mode.” To provide the district with a next generation operations program, McKinstry, a building services provider, partnered with Edo, an energy & issue management solutions provider. The program leverages rich data supported by a centralized, 24×7 facility operations support team to better manage workflow and support energy management. District staff are now equipped to address facility issues quickly and cost-effectively with the program’s easy-to-use tools and hands-on support.

The Edo Solution

Edo’s technology, support services, and playbooks enabled the 2022 launch of an outcome-based next generation operations and maintenance program. The district is now connected by a comprehensive edge-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform to optimize building performance in real-time. Edo’s solution reduces operational costs, driven by energy savings. District leadership has more operating dollars to put into student programs combined with a more predictable capital planning cycle.

These outcomes are possible because of Edo’s:

1. Centralized Operations Model

Edo and McKinstry built a detailed digital model of the entire school district to align all the data from various sources into a single unified data model for analysis and optimization of equipment operation. With supervisory control, the school district now has a digital backbone that enables ongoing optimization as smart technologies continue to proliferate.

2. 24/7 Remote Support Staff

Edo’s 24/7 customer success team coordinates, guides, and manages facility issues that arise in the school district. With over 270 buildings comprising 27 million square feet, the team dispatches/coordinates 20+ vendors across the portfolio in an effective and efficient manner.

3. Workflow Management

Edo provides a full suite of workflow management tools and services including technology solutions, playbooks, tools, operating procedures, and building expertise. Edo enables our channel partners to seamlessly implement, stabilize, optimize, and innovate a change & workflow management solution.

4. Energy Management

Edo enables powerED, which combines people, power and planet modules to provide the knowledge, tools, inspiration and support needed to mobilize occupants to adopt new energy consumption habits. Edo’s energy management information system (EMIS) is utilized to reduce costs, increase efficiency and promote environmentally friendly operations.|


• 25 years of continuous optimization of building operations

• 120,000,000 kilowatt-hours annual savings

• $12 million annual energy cost savings

• 150,000 work orders resolved annually

• 27 million square feet and 270 buildings efficiently operating

• 24,000 pieces of critical equipment efficiently running through operational, proactive maintenance, and warranty management

• 5,000 facility operating procedures and 20 service request triage workflows developed