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For utilities

Provide your customers with innovative demand optimization solutions

Edo offers a turn-key demand side management platform for commercial buildings that integrates building and grid operations. We provide our utility customers with a white-label advanced energy efficiency and demand flexibility solution. This solution enables utilities to strengthen customer relationships and engage hard-to reach customers.

Demand response dashboard
Evolve with confidence

Get a unique blend of guidance and tools to help you along the path to decarbonization. Achieve true innovation thanks to rich data discovery, vibrant customer connections, and new decarbonization offerings.

Streamline performance

Understand behind the meter load that allows you to respond to grid events while preserving capital, improving resiliency, and decreasing emissions. Evolve faster with integrated systems and world-class training and customer support.


Build your brand

Leverage white labeled solutions that put your brand first, bringing you closer to your customers. Offer new services that increase value on both sides of the meter.

Edo demand solution allows for:

  • Identification, implementation, and measurement of operational energy efficiency, including through a SEM+ program
  • Operation of optimized EcoDistricts
  • Achievement of integrated resource plan, demand response and demand flexibility objectives
  • Unlocking of data to align building and grid operations
  • Increases in customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Implementation of equity driven programs such as load curtailment or powerEd in schools in disadvantaged communities
  • Defer infrastructure investments
  • Shift and reduce peak load to improve resiliency

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“As a utility, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers use energy wisely and efficiently. Since about 70-percent of all the energy that’s generated is used to operate commercial buildings, we believe the Commercial Building Sector holds significant opportunities. When a utility like Avista can partner with commercial building owners and operators to gain a deeper understanding of how their systems perform and use energy, we can unlock and analyze the building’s data to implement energy efficiency measures that help it operate more efficiently. At the same time, it allows the utility to understand how commercial buildings interact with the grid and leverage existing resources to serve our communities. Partnerships like this allow Avista to take our role as a trusted energy advisor to a whole new level.”

Dan Johnson
Director, Clean Energy Strategy at Avista

Building Designers & Builders

Power data-driven energy innovation in the built environment

Edo empowers designers and builders to package building data into tangible value for utilities and tenants. Architect, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms hold the key to a vast mine of untapped yet valuable built-environment data. With the Edosystem, you can transform this data into revenue and client satisfaction.

Look to the future

The built environment is evolving and AEC firms need access to new products and technologies to keep pace. Edo helps you stay at the cutting edge by unlocking tools for real time performance optimization, carbon-neutral buildings, and EcoDistrict operations.

Grow your business

AEC firms can use Edo’s unique tools and white labeled services to expand revenue models while also meeting budget goals – taking advantage of annuity value streams around building data that AEC firms are uniquely positioned to provide.

Inspire your clients

As your client base becomes increasingly eco-conscious, they are looking to AECs to introduce new tech and opportunities for reducing energy waste and carbon emissions, while also cutting utility bills. We help you meet these goals with data and customer tools.

Transform grid-integrated buildings with Edo’s solutions:

  • Unlock data to align building and grid operations.
  • Identify, implement, and measure operational energy efficiency measures.
  • Build capacity for account management and energy programs.
  • Improve market penetration and deepen customer relationships.
  • Reduce R&D spend by integrating proven, white labeled offerings.
  • Generate new, annuity-based revenue streams.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

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“Construction and engineering firms constantly search for new ways to add differentiated value to proposals and projects. Edo has been a changemaker for McKinstry, shifting how we think about the connection between buildings and their energy sources. Thinking more holistically about energy management and visualizing energy flow allows us to approach building owners and utilities with innovative partnership models that create new revenue streams for everyone involved.”

Brian Antonsen
McKinstry Vice President of Construction Sales & Marketing

Building Owners, Operators, and Service Providers

Maximize clean building performance with a reliable, user-friendly system

Operate more efficiently with fewer issues with Edo. Put the Edosystem’s tools and resources to work for you in driving the transition from manual, resource-intensive operations to a digitally enabled, autonomous, and efficient model.

energy management information system
Elevate performance

Keep your building at peak energy and operational performance while also reducing carbon emissions. Edo simplifies the entire process, allowing you to move from cost plus fee models to performance-based models and attract new partnership opportunities.

Make customers happy

Owners can deploy Edo’s data and toolset to reduce energy costs for their tenants and occupants, while mitigating increased labor costs. Responsive work orders and issue management also empowers owners to handle customer issues proactively.

Simplify management

Streamline your asset management processes with 24x7x365 support desk and work order management tools. Edo’s rich datasets also help owners understand resource consumption to decrease spending and meet budget goals.

Optimize building services with Edo’s solutions:

  • Provides an integrated EMS/CMMS platform that unlocks new value for customers while moving your operations to a centralized, efficient, 24×7 supported structure
  • Integrated data driven solution that enables your team to apply analytics, identify faults, and ultimately create unique insights to improve facility and service technician delivery
  • Identify, Implement, and Measure operational energy efficiency measures
  • Increase tenant and occupant satisfaction and engagement
  • Unlock data to align building and grid operations

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“The South Landing development set a bold vision, including an all-electric central energy plant that powers one of the world’s largest zero-carbon and zero-energy buildings. Edo remains instrumental in bringing that vision to life. They’re the only partner capable of driving day-to-day operations for the complex shared energy systems powering the Catalyst Building and Morris Center.”

Allie Teplicky
Emerald Initiative Real Estate Development Manager

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