Grid-integrated efficient buildings delivered

Purpose built for both sides of the meter.

Power your business with the Edo solution

Edo enables two-way communication across the meter, empowering buildings and utilities to operate in harmony. This building-to-grid integration creates new revenue streams for both sides of the meter. It also accelerates decarbonization and transitioning to a clean, renewable grid.

Leverage our unique mix of technology, intellectual property, and services to create a synchronized, optimized platform that spans both sides of the meter.

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Grid-integrated buildings

The building-to-grid integration promise

Grid-integrated efficient buildings (GEBs) are the necessary next step in evolving your business toward substantial energy and emission reductions. They act as resources that serve the grid and strategically shift or reduce energy consumption during peak times.

Enhance performance

High-performing buildings with IoT sensors, controls, and machine-learning fine-tune operations to minimize energy demand in real time.

Create dynamic resiliency

Renewable energy and storage systems deliver clean power to the grid. Buildings shift and adapt to utility price signals to serve grid and occupant needs.

Reduce carbon

Two-way communication allows data streams to flow on both sides of the meter, empowering utilities and building owners/occupants to decrease energy waste and carbon emissions.

Add revenue streams

Attract new clients with a cleaner approach to the energy industry. Increase savings and optimize profit by reducing energy waste.

How it works

Adapt Edo's solutions to evolve your business

The Edo platform is built upon proven operating playbooks, technology, intellectual property, and support services, all tailored into a unique package that drives outcomes and value propositions specific to your business goals. Every component of Edo’s solutions can be white labeled to expand and differentiate your brand and capabilities.

Grid integration iconGrid integration

Balance energy needs

Edo enables you to design and deploy a cross-meter communications and data signaling platform that synchronizes building operations and distributed energy resources with grid needs.

  • Initiate the building-to-grid connection.
  • Establish building and energy asset operating parameters and procedures.
  • Formalize a plan to turn opportunities into operating realities.
Management iconBuilding and utility management

Command and control

Optimize building operations for maximum efficiency, lowered costs, and decarbonized operations, thanks to deployable on-site renewables and energy storage.

  • Manage post-occupancy issues.
  • Monitor power loss.
  • Maintain an asset database.
  • Manage vendors.
  • Manage warranty issues.
  • Predict, build, and standardize procedures as needs arise.
Data analytics iconData analytics & reporting

Discover opportunities

Monitor and verify results to maximize value and intended outcomes with in-depth system assessments and data discovery.

  • Integrate building control and IoT data into a single, user-friendly system.
  • Calculate usage and cost savings to track return on investment.
  • Identify carbon emissions impacts.
  • Empower your teams to take data-driven action.
  • Ensure facility data is accurate and actionable.
Customer engagement iconCustomer Engagement

Make them happy

Align opportunities to create new value through enhanced customer experiences, proactive resource planning, customer issue triage, and building occupant engagement and behavior change programs.

  • Engage occupants and influence energy consumption behaviors.
  • Configure individual user accounts for access to what matters most to them.
  • Schedule maintenance plan automation.
  • Create customer communication strategies.
Education and training iconEducation and training

Benefit from experience

The Edo solution provides not just the tools but also the know-how to make the transition to smarter, greener buildings as intuitive as possible, with subsequent support for easy maintenance and operation.

  • Work from operating playbooks written by industry experts.
  • Train building staff to maintain grid-integrated operations.
  • Access measurable and useful KPIs.
  • Receive continued consulting support.
Support Icon24/7 support

Operate with confidence

Minimize your management, facility, and administrative time with 24/7 on-call support providing building operations, issues, workflow, and maintenance expertise from Edo.

  • Streamline issue response and follow-up processes.
  • Coordinate and manage accounts.
  • Handle change management.
  • Bring market, facility, and operational expertise to consult on best-in-class improvements.

Energize your business with Edo.

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